Energy Bites

Who does not love a good energy ball?

There are SO many variations of energy bites, which is fun because you can try lots of delicious recipes that way.

I found this winner on BuzzFeed: No-Added-Sugar-Snacks. Note: There might be other snack ideas on this site that interest you. I know that I will be trying the crispy jalapeño chickpeas at some point.

I changed the recipe slightly because I did not have all of the exact ingredients it asked for, but I used perfectly good tasty/healthy substitutes. Instead of almond butter, I used ‘all natural’ peanut butter (running low on almond butter) and I did not have roasted almonds, so I used regular whole almonds. Other than those changes, I followd the recipe and was not disappointed.

You taste each ingredient in these energy balls. This recipe is so simple and flavourful. However, one problem with this recipe…only eating one at a time.

I hope you enjoy these bite sized drops of goodness as much as Andrew and I have. I will definitely be making this recipe again.



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